Virtual Lost Wax Casting-LIVE

$ 165.00

This class will be similar to our standard Lost Wax Casting class, with a few changes. Obviously, it will on be done remotely. We will discuss the process of the lost wax method so you understand how that process works. We will then get you started with simple wax carving, based on the tools you have at home. We will demo several different tools that you may or may not have access to at this time, but you will appreciate knowing are available. You will have the option to view all parts of the process remotely. On the final night, we will cast your pieces for you, live, and will follow up to help you clean up your castings. You will also get a chance to take advantage of the classroom and tools in the future and attend a physical wax carving demonstration (TBD) to add to your knowledge.

Class fee can be applied to a Evenheat burnout kiln (B)