Virtual Intro to Soldered Post Earrings- LIVE

$ 50.00

Soldering posts onto earrings is useful for far more than *just* soldering posts onto earrings. Bear with me…

We will be learning how to solder posts onto earrings, but the skills needed to do so will greatly improve any kind of small, detailed soldering you will need to do in a variety of other projects- anything that involves soldering small bits to larger pieces.

The projects in the class will include melting scrap and soldering posts to it to make your very own simple stud earrings, soldering posts to bezel cups, and making post earrings that have dangles hanging from them.

You will have the option to attend this class in person at no cost when that becomes an option. You will need to have all necessary supplies and tools on hand to complete projects but you do not need to complete all optional projects to benefit from this class. You will have access to a recording of this class for a limited time after class is complete.

Prerequisite: Silversmithing 2