Elements of Finishing

$ 45.00

Finishing is one of the most challenging skills to learn, and yet, probably the most important part of jewelry making. Historically, apprentices would be relegated to cleaning up finished jewelry long before they were allowed to make things, so by the time they were creating items, they knew exactly what to expect. These days, we are spoiled and get to start anywhere we want to, and making is more fun than cleaning up, right?

To complicate matters further, there is no list of steps that you can learn that will tell you what to do every time- every single situation can be different. This makes both learning and teaching finishing techniques challenging.

BUT- there are some points of theory that are always true, some knowledge of equipment that helps, and always, the tips and tricks. Combined, this class, which is mostly lecture with some demo, can help you find a way to start finding some confidence in cleaning up your finished jewelry.


Prerequisite: None