Metal Clay 1

$ 95.00

Come try out the newest innovation in metalworking! Precious Metal Clay (PMC) is made up of very small particles of precious metal suspended in an organic binder. The clay is formed, dried, and fired with a hand torch or in a kiln depending on the type of metal. After firing, all that’s left is pure precious metal. In Metal Clay 1, students learn the basics of working with the clay, including stamp patterns, molds and basic clay tools, along with what is involved in kiln firing. Since the work is done in bronze clay, there is room for students to experiment while making pendants with relatively low supply costs. No previous experience with metal clay is needed! Prerequisite: None

We perform the kiln firing for the student, and you will have access to most of the tools needed in class. You will be able to purchase anything you need at Veberod Gem Gallery during class. Being able to see clearly is essential to your success, so bring any portable lighting and magnification you are accustomed to using (cheaters, OptiVisor, Telesight, etc).