Silversmithing - Rings 2 - Fidget or Wonky

$ 85.00

1) Wonky Prong Ring - Learn to create prongs to hold pieces in place in, ahem… “non-traditional” ways in this fun ring class. We will be creating a ring band out of silver sheet, figuring out the placement for 3, 4 or 5 prongs, soldering them in place and setting the stone (object). You will have the opportunity to texture your band first using the rolling mill or hammers, if you choose.

2) Fidget Ring - Never be bored again when you wear a toy on your finger! These rings are great soldering practice, fun to make and make great gifts. We will make the ring band out of silver sheet, and then make spinning rings to create a kinetic element to the project. These rings can be made out of many different things- sheet, round wire, patterned wire, base metal, twisted metal, etc…

Prerequisite: Rings I - OR - Silversmithing III