Virtual Cold Connections 1-LIVE

$ 50.00

This class is the first in a duo designed to introduce students to the use of cold connections (joints of all kinds that don’t use heat/flame). You will be interacting live with the instructor and able to ask questions, request specific demos and get feedback as you need. Virtual class also includes the option to attend physical class when we are able to resume classes onsite. No previous experience necessary! CCI focuses on riveting. Students will learn to make their own rivets out of wire and place them successfully. A final project may or may not be completed- each student may choose their focus. To take this class virtually, you will need a few basic tools of your own and we can help you make sure you have what you need. Make an appointment with the instructor beforehand to either purchase tools or go over your own to make sure you are ready. One upside is you will be all ready to continue practicing on your own! Basic tool kit $30-100, depending on what you might already have, supplies could run between $10-$25, depending on metal choice.